MEET Doug Chapin

Doug is a U.S, Army Veteran, who after multiple deployments in the middle east,
discovered an unwaivering passion for tournament bass fishing. The adrenaline and
the thrill of the chase of finding and catching bass fish in a competition has proven to have
some parallels to being an infantry soldier. Doug applies the same principals of being
prepared, working hard and accomplishing a mission every time he is on the water.

Beginning January 2021 Doug has been chosen to be a professional angler competing
on the National Professional Fishing League.This is a new tournament leauge that comes
with some of the highest standards in bass fishing and to be chosen as an angler to
participate is a high honor.

2020 sponsors

2nd place in the Priarie Du Chien BFL

2nd place in the Priarie Du Chien BFL yesterday! It’s not a win but I feel truly blessed with how things turned out, it feels great to have a plan come to fruition ! I met some awesome people over the last few days, the bass fishing community is truly...

On the Road

Making sure the boat looks sharp while on the road with @boatblinghotsauce , the stuff is #boatblinghotsauce #cleaning #intunemarine #bassboat #boating #bassfishing #ontheroadagain #travellife